What is a CakeDrop?

Every CakeDrop is a combination of cake, coating, and core. We get our different flavors by changing one, two, or all of those things.  So let's talk about each one.

It starts with the cake - really good cake. As you know, that can be tricky. Some are too light, too dense, too dry, too moist. Our cakes have to be just right so our magical process can not only create our unique shape, but also to create a new texture that we haven't found anywhere else.  And, because our cake is just right, we can do that without adding ANYTHING extra to the cake!


Inside that cake, we place the core. That pop of flavor, smoothness and surprise that you just don't get from cake alone. No magic here. Well, unless you think sea salt caramel, or rich chocolate fudge, or a fruity Italian meringue, or a dozen other flavors, living inside your cake, just waiting to please you, is magic! OK, yeah, the core is pretty magical too.

Finally, we add the coat. It's not frosting, because then it wouldn't be polite to eat CakeDrops with your fingers. We use incredibly unique ganaches on all our CakeDrops. Some flavors get a deep dark chocolate ganache made with 60% cacao and rich cream.  Some flavors get our white ganache. You don't see white ganache much because it is impossible to make . . . without magic. It bites without cracking but somehow leaves your fingers clean.


But just for fun we add in some accessories! Drizzle, sprinkles, glitter, shapes - whatever inspires us to give each CakeDrop that touch of class and elegance your event deserves.

What a Cake Drop is Not

We don't want to be negative, but new things can sometimes get confused with old things.  So hopefully these simple reminders will help. (And yes, we are having fun. If we pick on your favorite dessert, it can still be your favorite.)

They're NOT cake pops!

Cake pops are bits of cake literally glued together with frosting and then covered in more frosting. Pops are on a stick because, well, it can feel like eating a lollipop in two bites. So maybe we can all agree on one simple rule: Sticks are for suckers.

They're NOT Cupcakes!

Cupcakes are awesome at kids parties because somehow children don't pass out from eating a small piece of cake covered with giant hunk of frosting. Just because some talented bakers have figured out how to add fancy flavors, or shrink them down until you need glasses to identify them, doesn't make them any more grown up. It comes down to this: If you are what you eat . . . don't be a cupcake!

They're BETTER than wedding cakes!

Who doesn't love a 4 foot tall pastry? The problem is, it's 4 feet tall! Ever see a movie with a wedding cake that did NOT fall over? I mean sure - that's the movies.  Ever see the bill for slicing a 4 foot pastry? Ever try to get 200 people to agree on a flavor? Maybe be different than every generation of weddings you and your grandmother can remember.  Multiple flavors. No slicing fee. Low center of gravity. Win. Win. Win!