About Us

The world is full of bakeries. We just aren't one of them. We are artisans, offering one product, carefully hand-crafted in a number of varieties . . . but, yes . . . it happens to be baked.

So some people ask, "How can you build an entire business on just one dessert?" Well, once they try this one very different dessert - those questions go away. We do dessert . . . different. 


The problem with most desserts is, once they are on the table, they all kind of end up feeling the same:


  • Cakes covered in icing
  • Cupcakes that try to act grown-up, but can't
  • Snack foods that pretend to be a dessert
  • Fancy things that never seem to taste as good as they look, and
  • Messy things that are just. not. socially. helpful.

We thought there had to be a better way. 

Once we found CakeDrops we knew this hit the sweet spot we were looking for: delicious, satisfying, and beautiful.  They are elegant without being stuffy, fun without being juvenile, and taste AMAZING!


If you want a dessert like that . . .you have come to the right place.